Society Dedicated To Science & Technology Promotion

Along With Focus On Modern Agriculture & Health Related Issues Basically In Rural & Sub-Urban Areas

ISET Foundation's Mission


ISET Foundation promotes scientific culture among students and make them aware about its importance in the human welfare and development.

Raising of Self-esteem

ISET Foundation ensures that all children not only study the theory but also strictly do the practical work in the school.

ISET Foundation

ISET Foundation has been established mainly for the promotion of science education focus in the suburban and rural area of India. In India, nearly 70 percent of the country’s population lives in rural areas where, for the first time since independence, the overall growth rate of population has sharply declined, according to the latest census. Of the 121 crore Indian, 83.3 crores live in rural areas while 37.7 crores stay in urban areas, said the census of India’s 2011 Provisional Population Totals of Rural-Urban Distribution in the country, released by Union Home Secretary. In India, the science education is having little strength towards development and innovation than other developing and developed countries mainly in rural.

About ISET Foundation at a glance

ISET Foundation works nationally to promote Science Education in India. The foundation is keenly interested to develop the scientific temperament in each student of India and to develop the scientific-technological atmosphere in the community.

Health & Environmental Programmes

ISET Fundation used to organize the health camps time to time in order to ensure that everyone get access to medical facilities.We alsporganizes several environment progames for the betterment of society.

Awareness Programmes

We spread awareness among students towards the importance of science and technology in the era of today through the scientific sessions organized at their schools. The key role of such programmes is to encourage more and more students towards science and technology.

Education Resources

ISET Foundation produces environmental education resources lik publications, CD-ROMs and posters for primary and secondary school teachers...









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