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George Perry (neuroscientist)

(Professor, UTSA, Texas, USA)

George Perry is, Dean of the College of Sciences, Semmes Professor of Neurobiology, and Professor of Biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio, whom guidance leading us toward promotion of scientific education and technology. He is advisory member of Indian Scientific Education and Technology (ISET) Foundation, a nonprofit organization that founded in Feb 2017.

Perry received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Zoology from University of California, Santa Barbara. After graduation, he studied at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University, and the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole; he obtained his Ph.D from the University of California at San Diego in Marine Biology under David Epel in 1979. He then received a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Cell Biology in the laboratories of William_R._Brinkley, Joseph Bryan and Anthony R. Means at Baylor College of Medicine where he laid the foundation for his observations of cytoskeletal abnormalities.

Gitta Peyn

(Co-founder of the FORMWELTen-Institute, Germany)

Gitta Peyn, 54-year-old systems, language and cybernetics researcher, and her husband Ralf Peyn have developed a universal language for education and communication, FORMWELT. Her aim is to help children and adults all over the world to learn systemic thinking in a playful way and to develop curricula together, to develop themselves further together and to increase intelligence and efficient communication as a global community in cooperation with artificial intelligence on the online platform to build "FORMWELT Online".

She and her husband also emulate self-referential and autopoietic decision systems on the basis of a polyvalent logic of cognition developed by them, which reconstructs human thinking, decision making and communication, demonstrates their evolution and help to examine forms of thinking and communicating for functionality. Gitta Peyn is co-founder of the FORMWELTen-Institut, Germany, which specializes in promoting innovative systemic and cybernetic thinking.

In the course of her educational work, she is also co-founder of FORMWELT Media, which has set itself the goal of publishing easily understandable introductory videos on basic concepts of systemics and 3rd order cybernetics as well as discussions with leading scientists on questions of zeitgeist.

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Information on 3rd order cybernetics and artificial emulations of cognitive and communication systems:

Prof. Maria Tikhonova

(Head of the Laboratory, Laboratory of the Experimental Models of Neurodegenerative Processes, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Scientific Research Institute of Physiology and Basic Medicine” (SRIPhBM), Novosibirsk, Russia)

Maria A. Tikhonova, Ph.D., D.Sc. Current position: Head of the Laboratory, Laboratory of the Experimental Models of Neurodegenerative Processes, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Scientific Research Institute of Physiology and Basic Medicine” (SRIPhBM), Novosibirsk, Russia.

Dr. Tikhonova completed her Ph.D. in Physiology in 2005 and defended her D.Sc. thesis in 2018. In 2015-2016, Dr. Tikhonova was an invited Researcher supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Invitation Fellowship Program at the Department of Mental Disorder Research, National Institute of Neuroscience, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry (NCNP), Tokyo, Japan. Her current professional interests are related to aging of the nervous system and neurodegenerative diseases. She studies their mechanisms with ethological, pharmacological, molecular, immunohistochemical, and neurochemical techniques for the development of novel diagnostic methods (f.e. search for biomarkers) and experimental treatment, mainly with the use of animal models.

Dr. Tikhonova has a successful experience of research projects’ supervision and is closely involved in ongoing international collaboration with Taiwanese neuroscientists. She is an author of more than sixty articles published in the peer-reviewed international and national journals. Dr. Tikhonova has supervised the scientific work of students since 2003. She also contributes to expertise of research projects for national grant systems and of articles for international and national journals HERE

Web of Science Researcher ID: K-3455-2018. Scopus Researcher ID: 35514867700.

Prof. Ashley Bush

(Professor at the University of Melbourne and the Director of the Melbourne Dementia Research Centre at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health)

Professor Ashley Bush is Professor of Neuroscience and Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne and the Director of the Melbourne Dementia Research Centre at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health.

He is Co-Director of Biomarker Development for The Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle Study of Ageing (AIBL), Deputy Chair of the MACH Care of the Ageing Network, and holds staff appointments in Psychiatry and Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital, USA. He is the scientific founder of multiple biotechnology companies such as Cogstate Ltd and Collaborative Medicinal Development. He has over 450 publications, >45,000 citations, a h-index of 102, and 29 patents. Prof Bush is rated in the top 1% of neuroscience researchers worldwide for high impact citations (2014-2016, 2018, 2019), and classed as one of the World's Most Influential Scientific Minds by Clarivate Analytics. Personalized medicine is an emphasis of much of Prof. Bush’s neurodegenerative disease research involving fluid biomarkers, multimodal neuroimaging and neurogenetics in population cohorts such as the Rush Memory and Aging Project, the Swedish BioFinder project, the Alzheimer’s disease Neuroimaging Initiative, the Healthy Brain Project, and AIBL.

Soraya L. Valles, PhD

(Professor at department of Physiology and Lab chief of Pathology, School of Medicine, University of Valencia, Spain)

In 1996 I obtained my doctoral thesis entitled “Changes in the expression of intermediate filament genes in astroglia during rat brain development: Effect of exposure to ethanol”. In it I analyzed the events that occur during the early stages of astrogliogenesis during brain development, obtaining the outstanding grade "Cum Laude". The following year I was awarded the extraordinary doctorate award from the University of Valencia. In 1997, I accessed the group of Dr. Eva Qwanstrom and Steve Dower at Hallamshire Hospital (University of Shefffiel, UK), where I remained for 3 and a half years identifying a regulatory subunit of the Interleukin-1 receptor. Working in immunology, cytokines, inflammation and cell matrix regulation processes.

In 2000 I returned to Spain to the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia, where after different positions as a lecture professor, I got a position as Associate Professor at the University and also a position as chief laboratory (Molecular mechanisms of Pathology: Biochemistry and Molecular Science). I have participated in more than 20 research projects and have published more than 50 articles in impact magazines, in addition to presenting more than 60 communications to international conferences.

Prof. Atanas Atanasov

(Professor and Head, Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Jastrzebiec, Poland)

Prof. Atanasov is a Head of the Molecular Biology Department at the Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Jastrzebiec, Poland. He studied at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria, and received a PhD degree in Biochemistry from the University of Bern, Switzerland.

In 2016, he obtained a Habilitation in Pharmaceutical Biology at the Department of Pharmacognosy, University of Vienna, Austria. His scientific research interests are in the area of Molecular Medicine, Nutrigenomics, Biotechnology, Natural Products, and Molecular Pharmacology.

Dr. Aamir Nazir

(Senior Scientist, CDRI, Lucknow, India)

Dr. Aamir Nazir is senior scientist at laboratory of ‘Functional Genomics and Molecular Toxicology’ in the Division of Toxicology of CSIR - Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow. He is working on C. elegans model system, which is employed for the studies because of its immense genetic relevance; it exhibits appreciable homology of gene sequences with that of humans, is accessible for carrying out genetic manipulations and presents with multiple disease pathways that are conserved across the taxa.

The first ever-genetic understanding of Alzheimer’s disease came from research with C. elegans that led to identification of Presenilin-1 (orthologue of C. elegans sel-12). C. elegans was the first multi-cellular organism to have it genome mapped and the process of RNAi induced gene silencing was first discovered in this model. Work with C. elegans has resulted in award of Nobel Prize to six scientists for their pioneering work that has significantly aided in understanding of multiple biological processes including understanding of various human disease conditions.

Prof. A. Vaishampayan

(Emeritus Professor & Vice-Chairman, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, India).

Professor A. Vaishampayan, Emeritus Professor & Vice-Chairman, Internal Quality Assurance Cell, BHU (Former Director, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, & Head, Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005

• Born in January, 1954, obtained B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in 1972, 1974 and 1978, respectively, and is serving the Banaras Hindu University as a Faculty Member on positions, as above, since 1985.

• Professional Career : During an illustrious professional career spanning over 40 years, made outstanding contributions in teaching, research and administration. Worked at BHU as a Reader (1985-98) and Professor (1998-2019), followed by Head of the Department (3 years), Dean of the Faculty (3 years), Director of the Institute (+2 years), and now Emeritus Professor & Vice-Chairman (IQAC), BHU.

• Administrative Experience: Gained considerable administrative experience as Coordinator/ Chairman/ Member of Several Committees of BHU and UGC, CSIR, DST, DBT, BARC, UPSC and Provincial Publics Service Commissions of many States related with teaching, research and development, project formulation, evaluation and execution, Selection Committees, financial and academic related issues, etc.

• Adding significantly as the Vice-Chairman of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the Banaras Hindu University since January, 2019, a specific position created in the University after its elevation as one of the 10 INSTITUTIONS OF EMINENCE by the Govt. of India

• Chairman of 38 different Academic and Administrative Committees of the University and Member 54 Committees at university level. Worked as the Chairman of the UGC/ ICAR/ NAAC / X Plan/ XI Plan / XII Plan Visiting Teams at the I.Ag.Sc., BHU., and Professor In-Charge, Library of the I.Ag.Sc., BHU; Chairman, Editorial Board of the I.Ag.Sc. and Member, Editorial Board of BHU for 8 years.

• Awards & Recognition : Recipient of Career Award in Biological & Agricultural Science (1993) from UGC based on novel genetically improved microbial strains generated and 50 research papers published as a sole author in internationally reputed journals till 1993.

• As a mark of honour, received the Membership of the New York Academy of Sciences, USA. • Member of Professor C.N.R. Rao Award Selection Committee for Excellence in Research. Investigated Research Projects of ICAR, UGC, DST and DBT as Principal Investigator and has also acted as reviewer of many research projects submitted by others. • Distinguished for many crucial and significant contributions related to the development of genetically improved crop-specific microbial strains for qualitative yield increases in cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fruits, flowers and vegetables. • Possesses leadership and managerial capabilities with wide experience pertaining to teaching, research, educational and administrative planning

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+91~9415201138 / +91~9260995776 / +91~542~2575358

Dr. Manu K. Vora

(Chairman and President of Business Excellence, Inc., USA, a global quality management consulting firm.)

He has over 45 years of leadership experience and has guided Fortune 500 companies with Baldrige Performance Excellence assessment. For over 27 years, as an Adjunct Professor he teaches Operations Management courses at business schools globally. He is affiliated with over 80 educational institutes world-wide. He is a sought-after speaker on business excellence and quality management topics with over 960 presentations globally in 17 Countries across 5 Continents and published over 70 scholarly articles. He has published 50 blog posts on quality management.

In 2013, he gave two TEDx Talks, TEDxIITBHU Varanasi and TEDxIIT Chicago. Since 2013, he has delivered Soft Skills and Quality Management topics using technology to over 50 colleges/universities in 14 States of India benefitting over 675,000 students/ faculty/ professionals. In 2016 he delivered a Project Management for Organizational Excellence, a GIAN Course approved by the MHRD, Government of India at his alma mater, IIT (BHU). In 2016 he was appointed a Fulbright Specialist by the U.S. Department of State and completed his first Fulbright Project at IIT (BHU) in March 2018.

He has B.Tech. (Honors, IIT BHU Chemical 1968), M.S. (1970) & Ph.D. (1975) in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, and a MBA (1985) with Marketing Management from Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago. As the Founder, Director and President of Blind Foundation for India (BFI), he and his team has raised over $5 million to help over two million visually impaired adults and children in India. He received 'NRI of the Year Award 2018' in Philanthropy from Times Now and ICICI Bank in Mumbai, India.

Dr. Vora has received 52 awards/honors for his outstanding professional service including Fulbright Specialist appointment from the U.S. Department of State. He received 35 awards/honors for his life-long community service including U. S. President's Volunteer Service Award. In 1968 he received J. N. Tata Scholarship to pursue his graduate work in the U. S.

Mr. Sanjay Singh

(Manager, Tommy Hilfiger, Ahmedabad, India)

Sanjay Singh is a store manager at Tommy Hilfiger. He is an advisory member of Indian Scientific Education and Technology (ISET) Foundation, a nonprofit organization. He is experienced to do well management in several companies and a good communicator as well as he got many awards for better management. He began serving in ISET Foundation in Jan 2017 within the commitment of better management of ISET foundation as an advisor. He completed MBA in Marketing from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India and graduation in Biotechnology.

Prof. Sureshprasad Singh

(Former V.C. of VKS University, Ara Bihar and Himalayan University Itanagar, AP., India)

Former V.C. of 1) Veer kunwar Singh University Ara, Bihar (undivided). 2) Himalayan University Itanagar, AP. Member University service commission Patna. He served as Dean of the science dept. and Head of the GEOLOGY dept., Ranchi University, Ranchi also Director General and Director of some institutes. Guided many scholars for Ph.D., contributed many research papers in National and international journals. Visited 16 countries and delivered lectures on varied topics. Editorial board member of SPRINGER journal, USA.

Prof. Sankar Prasad Mukherjee

(Emeritus Professor & Chairman (IQAC), Hooghly Engineering & Technology College; Member Secy., HETCS.)

Prof. (Dr.) Sankar Prasad Mukherjee, M.Sc.(1); B.Ed.(1) Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from I.S.M. (I.I.T., Dhanbad) is presently Research Guide of Ph.D Fellows of Seacom Skills University, Santiniketan (W.B) and also an honorary Sr. Visiting Professor and Member, Board of Research Studies, of the University. Dr. Mukherjee is Emeritus Professor of HETC (W.B). Dr. Mukherjee was Prof. and Dean in B.I.T.M. (W.B) as well as in S.K.F.G.I. (W.B); Sr. Faculty (ICWAI); Faculty University Entrance class at B.U. (W.B). He had an Industrial experience of about 20 years in Sr. Administrative level in various department like R & D ; Statistical and planning; Environment Pollution etc. in E.C.L (CIL). He was Research Fellows at N.C.E.R.T. and IIT (Dhanbad) with comprehensive Research Experience. He had to his credit Research Publication in International Journals like Acoustical Society of America (American Institute of Physics); J.of Nonlinear Mechanics (Elsevier), Masachusetts; Acta Geophysica Polonica (Polish Academy of Sciences); J.Geophysical Reasurch Bulletin – CISR; J. Rommania; Rev. Roum (Technical Sciences of Romanian Academy; J. of Mathematical Analysis an applications, Alexendria (Elsevier) MAT Journals etc. He acted as an expert in NCERT’S new curriculum in 1990; Ph.D adjudicator of Madras University and in various organisations. Life Member, ISCA, Calcutta Mathematical Society; IIFS;IISA; Advisor (Academic & Research), Weaving Dreams; Presidentium, Int. Conf. of Env & Ecology. He was awarded by “BHARAT GOURAV”; “BEST CITIZENS OF INDIA”; “Glory of India Gold Medal”; “Bharat Ratna Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Excellance award”; “Swami Vivekananda Excellence award”; “Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi Excellence Award”; Three Life time achievement award by I.F.E.E., Association of world peace and Conf. of Indian Universities etc

Dr. Anil Kumar Singh

(Assistant Professor, SMM Town PG College, Ballia, India)

Dr. Anil Kumar Singh graduated in agriculture in 2001 from VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. He completed M.Sc. (Ag) and Ph.D. in Soil Science from Acharya Narendra Deva University of Agriculture & Technology, Ayodhya (Faizabad). UP in 2004 and 2008, respectively. He has started his scientific career from Tea Board India (Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India), Kolkata at its Centre at Darjeeling and Siliguri and served for more than 6 years on various capacity viz. Sr. Scientific Officer (Soil Science), Soil Scientist and In-charge, Quality Control Laboratory.

He also served as Advisory Officer (Scientist-C) at Tocklai Tea Research Institute, Tea Research Association, Kolkata from 21 May, 2015 to 11 Sep, 2017. His areas of interests are soil science, soil chemistry/fertility/microbiology, soil fertility and nutrient management, recycling of wastes as source of nutrient and natural resource conservation. He has got over 11 years of research experience in respect of formulation, monitoring and accomplishment of various projects, viz. Institutional, Inter-institutional, and CFC/TBI/FAO/IFOAM sponsored projects as Principal Investigator/ Co-Principal investigator / Associate. He has completed 6 research projects pertaining to development of package of practices for organic tea cultivation, development of soil conservation measures for control of soil erosion in tea growing areas of Darjeeling, vermicomposting technology developed suitable for Darjeeling, development of phosphate solubilizing biofertilizer for tea (Camellia sinensis L.) in acid soils of North Bengal, nitrogen mineralization of organic matter in acid soils of tea (Camellia sinensis L.) in northern districts of West Bengal and integrated plant nutrient supply for improved yield and soil health of Darjeeling tea. He has 61 publications to his credit including 20 peer reviewed research papers, 5 review paper, 7 non referred paper published in national and international journals, 23 abstracts papers in proceedings of seminar/workshop/conference/symposia, 3 book chapter in edited book and more than 6 scientific articles and extension literatures. < He has good experience of extension services and have paid 44 advisory visits, conducted 02 training/workshop, delivered 21 lectures in Workshop.

He has participated in more than 15 seminar, training and orientation programme etc. He is life member of the several professional scientific societies including Royal Association for Science-led Socio-Cultural Advancement (RASSA), Indian Society for Plantation Crops, Prof. H.S. Srivastava foundation for Science and Society, Indian Association of Soil & Water Conservationanists and Indian Society of Soil Science. He is recipient of Young Scientist Award’ 2018 by Endling Conferences, Maharashtra, ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ 2016 from STSIRI, Telangana and Vice-chancellor Gold Medal during M.Sc. (Ag.) for getting highest marks. Presently Dr. Singh is serving as Assistant Professor at SMM Town PG College, Ballia since 13 Sep, 2017 and actively involved in the teaching of UG & PG students and guiding PG students for their research work.

Dr. Amit Singh

(Senior Resident at Department of Microbiology, AIIMS, Bhopal)

Dr. Amit Singh is working as Senior Resident at Department of Microbiology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhopal. He Completed his Bachelor Degree from Science College, Rewa (APS University) and Masters in Microbiology from Jiwaji University, Gwalior. He was elected as President of Student Union at Sciences College during Graduation.

Dr. Singh did his Ph.D. from Division of Clinical Microbiology & Molecular Medicine, Department of Laboratory Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. He has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of Infectious disease, Proteomics and Molecular Cloning at AIIMS, New Delhi.

Dr. Singh also have various National and International publications, Patents, whole genome sequences and GeneBank submissions. Dr. Singh during his doctoral study identified novel biomarkers for detection of tuberculosis and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis directly from patient blood samples. He developed point-of-care ICT device for detection of TB/MDR-TB. The work was evaluated by WHO-FIND also and awarded by AIIMS Excellence Award-2017 & Dr. T.D. Chug Award-2019.

Dr. Singh presented his doctoral research work at various International and National conferences and received various international/ national awards like AASM-2017 travel award, FEMS 2013 award, Best Poster Award at ICOPA-India 2008 and Sir Dorabji symposium on Antimicrobial resistance at IISc, Young Scientist Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation travel award, International Travel Awards by various funding agency of Government of India like Department of Sciences & technology, ICMR, CSIR, DBT and SERB to present my work at International conferences. He is also life member of various scientific societies like ASM, AASM, APS, ISID.

Dr. Singh is also reviewers and editorial board member of various International journals like Frontiers Microbiology, BMC Microbiology, BMC infectious Disease, PLoS One, trd, BBRJ, Tuberculosis research & Treatment, Journal of tuberculosis etc. He actively organised various national & International conference, workshops and symposium. Also actively participated in social work with NGOs.

Dr. Ashok Kumar

(Professor, Department of Neuroscience/McKnight Brain Institute, Florida, USA).

Dr. Ashok Kumar is Assistant Professor at Department of Department of Neuroscience/McKnight Brain Institute, Florida, USA.
He is advisory member of Indian Scientific Education and Technology (ISET) Foundation, a nonprofit organization. He is research expertise in Bio-Inorganic and supramolecular chemistry.
He began serving in ISET Foundation in Dec 2016 within the commitment of advising of better way of promoting the science & technology specially related with Neuroscience. He completed Doctoral degree from Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India.

Dr Siddharth Sonkar

(Founder & Co-Director, NUS Life sciences Pvt. Ltd.)

Dr. Sonkar completed his masters in Applied Microbiology from the institute of science, Banaras Hindu University Varanasi, specializing in clinical microbiology of infectious disease, with research internship at All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) New Delhi. Dr. Sonkar did his PhD in Biomedical Science from University of Delhi, Delhi. He has 08 year’s experience in the field of clinical microbiology of Infectious diseases and vaccine development. Dr. Sonkar also has scientific patents and publications in high impact journals like Nature Scientific reports, Elsevier Biosensors and Bioelectronics etc. The diagnostic assay developed by Dr. Sonkar is under consideration for technology transfer by University of Delhi. This diagnostic assay was also nominated by the Delhi University for the 2016 Visitor’s Award. Dr. Sonkar presented his research work at various National/International conferences held in India and abroad. Dr. Sonkar also received various National and International Awards like, Young Investigator Awards, IASSTDIUSTI awards and travel awards for his excellent work. Dr. Sonkar also life member of various annual scientific organizations and societies.

Dr Sarat Chandra Yenisetti

(Professor, Nagaland University, India)

Sarat completed B.Sc. from Silver Jubilee Government College, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh; M.Sc. from Bangaluru University (University 3rd Rank), Karnataka, India and was awarded Ph.D. from Kuvempu University, Karnataka, India. He obtained post doctoral training in Neurogenetics from National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) of NIH, Bethesda USA and University of Regensburg, Germany. Presently he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Zoology, Director, IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) and Nodal Officer, GIAN Cell (MHRD- Global Initiative of Academic Networks), Nagaland University (Central), Nagaland, India. His laboratory (Drosophila Neurobiology Laboratory) focuses on Drosophila approaches to understand adaptation and Parkinson's disease associated neurodegeneration. Lab is well funded by UGC, DBT, DST, ICMR. Sarat is also awarded with DBT’s (Department of Biotechnology) prestigious UEXCEL (Unit of Excellence in Biotechnology) grant in 2014.

Dr. Rajendra K. Singh

(Quality Control Advisor, Vyaire Medical, USA)

Dr. Rajendra K. Singh received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry in India. After completion of his degree, he moved to the United States in 2003 first appointed as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Pathology at the school of medicine and Health Sciences University of North Dakota, ND. Dr. Singh served as the Research Scientist position in Cancer Biology at Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, FL from 2006 to 2011 while maintaining cancer research program at University of Miami. Dr. Singh worked as Toxicology Specialist for Dow Corning Corporation, Midland, MI for several years and currently Quality Control Advisor at Vyaire Medical.

As part of his professional activities, Dr. Singh organized and presented at several national and international conferences and established several NIH/VA funded research projects in areas of prostate and bladder carcinogenesis and cancer therapeutics while in the Laboratory of the University of Miami and the University of North Dakota. He has published more than 20 peer-reviewed publications in high impact journals in areas of Toxicology and Cancer Biology.

He has been an ad-hoc reviewer for more than 20 Journals including, Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, and Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. He is an editorial board member for Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy, Medical and Surgical Urology, International Research Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, and affiliated to the several professional societies, including Society of Toxicology, American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

Dr. Singh’s long-term goal is to promote professional activities and help the development of joint projects in toxicology and health education program through dialogue, collaboration, seminar between universities/scientific organizations and scientists from USA, India and worldwide.

Dr. Piyoosh Babele

(Research Scientist, Vanderbilt University, TN, USA)

Dr. Piyoosh Babele is Research Scientist at Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineering, Vanderbilt University, TN USA. He is working in the areas of metabolic flux analysis (fluxomics), and metabolic engineering of cyanobacteria, E.coli, and yeast to enhance the production of commercial products (e.g., Biofuels and feed additives). He has more than 10 years of research experience in the metabolomics, proteomics and nano- toxicology. He has done his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Banaras Hindu University and after that worked at IISER Bhopal on a SERB-DST funded project sanctioned to him as principal investigator.

Mr. Ran Vijay

(Director, RDSO, Lucknow, India)

Mr. Ran Vijay did B.Tech in Electrical Engineering in year 1998, from GBPUAT, Pant Nagar and cleared IES, presently posting as Director, RDSO (research design and standards organization) of Railway. Have experience of approx. 16 years working as Beaurocrat in govt, Indian Railways, in various fields at places like Ranchi, Jhansi, Kanpur, Agra, Lucknow. Other than railway, my interests include hindi literature, developments in science and technology.